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Ankh Tower - Unique survival roguelite game

The Ankh is everything… and without it everything is lost! Your task is to defend the sacred symbol, no matter the cost. 

Take on the role of a powerful wizard who controls a mysterious Tower. Build floors with different uses, discover their potential, evolve your spells and prepare for numerous night invasions. Can you protect the Ankh?


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Test your skills with Ankh - RPG survival game

Every night is a threat of complete annihilation. Hordes of hideous monsters will appear at your gate to destroy the sacred Ankh… it seems that they can’t be stopped. Will you prove otherwise? You can defend your Tower with a bow and arrow, various schools of magic, defensive structures, and tens of upgrades.

A wizard’s life is not easy. Especially when he’s attacked by monsters every night! However, a wizard is much more than an ordinary person. Magicians know how to deal with any situation. Hidden behind the walls of his Tower, with scrolls, resources, entrenchments, and skilled units at his disposal, a wizard can do almost anything. Good for him – he faces a difficult task. Our RPG / rogue-lite game is all about strategy and good thinking. There is virtually nothing to limit you when building your Tower. Powerful tools are at your disposal – will you know how to use them?

How to survive the night? A quick guide to our RPG survival defense

Understand your situation

Are you afraid? Well… you should be! An army of evil is approaching your domain. It is ready to do anything to achieve its goal – destroy the Ankh standing on top of your Tower. You won’t let that happen, right?

Who are you?

In our rogue-lite survival game, you become a powerful wizard with a vast arsenal of weapons. Like any wizard, you are very ambitious and self-confident. No monsters, no matter how numerical, will thwart your plans!

The world around you

Ankh Tower is a dark, rogue-lite, RPG game. We are sure you will love the vibe. Get used to weather changes, scary sounds, and sudden events! We believe that dynamic, variable gameplay is the key to replayability. 

ankh tower top

Prepare yourself

Build and manage your Ankh Tower

It’s getting dark. You better get ready! Start by expanding your domain floors. Remember that each floor can be destroyed during an attack. It’s okay… as long as your Ankh is safe. Rebuild and repair your Tower to keep it that way!

Decide and upgrade

Each floor has its own uses and properties. Your strategy will determine the type of defense. You can choose from such floors as the Treasury, Stronghold, Workshop, Archery and a few more.  Upgrade your troops and Tower to see it grow stronger and higher!

Are you ready?

Once you have your Tower ready to repel the attack, all that’s left is to wait. Can you hear hordes of enemies coming?  Oh, boy… 

It's time for the massacre!

The invasion is here

Here they come! Now you will see if your strategy is the right one. Throw fireballs and lightnings at enemies, use spell scrolls, spend your resources, make quick decisions and defend your life. The elements are on your side!


Various monsters and attacks

In our RPG survival game you will fight for your life every night.  Who will try to take it from you? Monsters! Your arrows and spells will have to chase away the ice and fire golems, skeletons, demons and huge bosses!

Survive to live another day!

Did you survive the night? Good. The next one is coming soon. You better rethink your actions and improve your Tower. Do you already know what you can improve to keep your domain safe?

What else will you find in Ankh Tower? Well... a lot!

You know games where each playthrough is different from the previous one, right? This is undoubtedly a great advantage. You can play dozens of times and still test new solutions and strategies. This is how the Ankh Tower works. Every night will be different from the ones you’ve seen before. Surprising attacks, sudden events, changing enemy types, weather changes, and other factors will all affect what you can do and see. Remember to react appropriately and quickly – another attack will come soon.

Fight, cast spells, build and upgrade

Do you feel that the best way to defend yourself is to recruit and train archers? Or maybe you trust magic and powerful spells? There are a number of ways to act in the Ankh Tower. Some believe that building durable floors and developing the economy with a Treasury is the most effective. Others say brute force and magic are best. And all of them are right! In a rapidly changing game world, you have to adapt your strategy to the situation. You can also upgrade your sacred Ankh. It affects the entire Tower and makes it harder to destroy. Thanks to smart resource management, you will be able to survive the next nights and build higher. Everything that keeps your Ankh safe is considered a good strategy!

ankh skryba

Ankh Tower community

Discord channel

This is a place for a game-related discussion. We would love to collect your feedback, ideas, and opinions shared in the channel. If you want to be up to date, be sure to join us! Don’t forget to check out our other games.

Facebook page

Share your game experiences. Show off your mighty Towers, post memes, and communicate with other players! Maybe you’ve found a cool way to defend your domain? Or developed a unique strategy? Tell us about it!

Remember to leave you e-mail address, so you won’t miss any news about Ankh Tower!


Do you want more information about our RPG survival game? Sure!

We are glad that you are so curious! Such a player really does count. We want to reward you with interesting information and the history of our game. Are you ready?

It all started with our love for strategy games. Chess was definitely a great inspiration. Planning the next moves, caution, or bold decisions and choices – we can use all of them to defeat our opponent. In Ankh Tower, your opponent is the night and the monsters that come with it. Just like in chess, everything depends on your skills.

In addition to the strategic element, we wanted to create a dark, heavy fantasy climate. Our goal was to create a wizard Tower that you know from books or movies – tall, dark, and just cool. We have planned all elements of the environment, objects, furniture, and lighting so that they look authentic and real. The area around the Tower is overgrown with dry, twisted trees lit by the moonlight. We believe you will like the artwork!

Thanks to our Ankh Tower game you can see what it is like to be a powerful wizard. However, power alone is not enough. Many wise decisions are required to keep the Ankh from being destroyed.

Speaking of which. You won’t experience two of the same nights while playing. The attack will never be the same as the previous one. The situation will be completely different each time you start the game. We wanted the player to feel that the game is dynamic and lively. 

And what about winning? Is it possible to win at all? Of course! If you manage to survive enough nights and gather enough resources, you can cast an ultimate spell. Sounds cool, right? The spell will cause a huge light explosion that will burn the monsters that threaten your Tower. 

You have to remember that our survival rogue-lite game is rather difficult. You will lose floors, you will fail many times. And that’s ok! Challenging games are great! When you manage to win, you feel that you have done something special. Ankh Tower is easy to play but hard to master. The rules and the gameplay are clear and at the same time allow a variety of choices. 

We want you to discuss our game with other players and our team. For this purpose, you can join our Discord server and follow our social media.Your feedback is very important to us. Together, we can create a great community!

Ankh Tower FAQ

Currently, the game is in early production stage. Please wait for more information.

Initially we want to release for PC (Steam) but later on we plan to release on several consoles and maybe mobile.

Simply tell about us to anyone who loves rogue-lite, RPG and defense games. Sharing our website, video and social profiles will help, too! The more emails we gather, the faster the development will go.

Join our Discord server, follow our social media channels. You can also subscribe our YouTube channel.

We would love you to let us know that you are willing to cooperate. We will surely reach an agreement. E-mail us!