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Coding learning game - Dreamjob: Programmer

Acquire actual coding and programming skills and have fun by the way. Are you completely new to the IT world? No worries! DreabJob Programmer will teach you the basics, and then move on to the more complex tasks.

Learn the visual editor programming, develop your studio, and end up in coding in Python!


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Are you looking for a programming game? You are in the right place!

A programmer’s job is a dream of many people. Prestige, good money and possibilities… But let’s not kid yourself – it’s not a piece of cake to learn all these IT stuffs. However, there is a way to make learning programming much easier and more fun. We bet you already know what we are talking about… yeah! Dreamjob: Programmer is a fun and efficient way to learn to code while playing a game. How cool is that? We are sure you will understand and like famous programming languages like  Python, C++, C#, Java, and JavaScript in no time.

Dreamjob: Programmer is a demanding game which require your concentration, but at the same time is very fun to play and rewarding. As we mentioned above, and we cannot stress it enough, you will learn real coding skills. If you want to enter the IT job market and you like video games, there is no better choice than downloading our title. The prize is great. You will not only find out what the programmer’s workday looks like, but you will also have an opportunity to launch your own space rocket! Of course, if you pass the final test first. Are you hyped? We know you are!

How to cope with Dreamjob: Programmer? A quick guide to our game

Start from the beginning

At the beginning the game will lead you through the absolute basics. If you already know them, it will be a great repeat for you, if you are new, you will surely like them. This is where your journey begins!

Visual Scripting Editor – an easy way to start

Enough of talking, let’s get to the programming! Your first step will be to understand and learn Visual Scripting Editor. Your task will be to place and connect the proper command block in order to create your first program.

Get the concept

As easy as it is, Visual Script will help you to learn programming in languages like Python, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, and others!

learn to code

What next?

coding sandbox

You are getting better, right?

After you’ve completed the easiest tasks, it’s time to do something more difficult. This is where the math and logical problems, loops, arrays and dictionaries or conditional statements appear. Sounds cool.

Create programs and watch them work

In our coding learning game you have a unique opportunity to see how your programs work. Really! 

Accept and complete challenges or missions

With hundreds of missions, each one carefully adjusted to your level of expertise with programming, you get into the shoes of a programmer. Overcoming difficulties gives a great satisfaction. You know that you know more!

Let's not forget the fun part!

Let’s not forget that this is a programming GAME

Work is not everything. After all, you have to use the money you earned. Beginning may be humble, but millions of dollars are at hand. Expand your office, buy cool furniture, toys and coding equipment!

Became rich. I mean – rich

With time, you start to own enough assets to buy a home or even a private island. Each can be decorated by items you buy in a sim-shop. Some items may be enchanted by your code, making them uniquely interactive.

The final prize

Your biggest goals are – learning to code, getting wealth and launching a rocket! Once you are a skilled developer, nothing will stop you! Pass the final test of acquired knowledge, program the rocket and show everyone what you can do!

earn programming game

What else will you find in our programming game? Well... a lot!

The world of IT and coding is so extensive that it is difficult to describe it on one page. Just as in a real life you will have to work hard for your success. It doesn’t mean it won’t be fun! Learn, code and earn more and more money by solving prestigious jobs. Upgrade your computer, monitor, mouse, seat, desk, and the whole place you live in! The greater your real knowledge is, the better you are in the game world. Well… the better you are in the real world too! We are sure you get the concept – Dreamjob: Programmer is a code learning game, which will introduce you to the IT world!

Find out what it's like to be a programmer

Accept missions, gain xp points, create programs

programmer sandbox
programming career

All you need to do is to give it a shot

Who knows? Maybe you are a born programmer? Or maybe you have hidden talent for software development? There’s only one way to find out. Our coding learning game will show you your natural skills and predispositions. As you solve new problems and create new assets, you will be surprised how much you can already do! All this, combined with typical entertainment gameplay, makes you learn and have fun at the same time! Programming games can be cool!

coding game dreamjob programmer

The Dreamjob: Programmer community

Discord channel

 This is a place for a game-related discussion. We would love to collect your feedback, ideas, and opinions shared in the channel. If you want to be up to date, be sure to join us! Don’t forget to check out our other games.

Facebook page

Share your game experiences. Show off your programs and assets, post memes, and communicate with other players! Maybe you’ve found a cool way to get more money or developed new coding strategy? Tell us about it!

Remember to leave you e-mail address, so you won’t miss any news about Dreamjob: Programmer!


Do you want more information about Dreamjob: Programmer?

We are glad that you are so curious! Such a player really does count. We want to reward you with interesting information and the history of our game. Are you ready?

We know how cool coding and IT in general is.  After all, we operate in this industry ourselves. No wonder so many people want to learn programming and become a creator of interesting programs or games. Our analyses confirmed our earlier observations. There is a huge demand for a coding learning game. We are sure that Dreamjob: Programmer will meet the needs of gamers and teach them some actual coding skills.

It is said that visual coding is the future. We believe that it is an excellent introduction to the IT world. Thanks to it, you will understand the basics of coding and easily cope with the next, more difficult tasks. You’ll start by creating the iconic “Hello, world!” message. A few days or weeks later, you’ll launch a space rocket that requires a complicated code!

Our mission was to combine fun and reliable learning. We believe we have succeeded. Specific colors, sound, and simple message make our coding learning game pleasant to play.

If you like Tycoon games, you will not be disappointed. In Dreamjob: Programmer we focused on a strong element of expanding our office. In the beginning, you will be able to upgrade your gear, then you will move to a bigger premise and finally, you will own your own island! 

There is also a light RPG vibe in the game. After all, you play the role of the programmer. We’ve added a skill tree, statistics, and other interesting features. Your character develops over the course of the game – just like your coding skills!

Remember that you can always count on the help of more experienced players. Some of them already know how to code and play our game just to have fun (or to refresh their knowledge). To do this, join our Discord server and follow our social media. We believe that we will build a large and alive community around Dreamjob: Programmer. We are looking forward to seeing the results of your work and first opinions.

Our programming game is intended for everyone who wants to find a new, dream job. Thanks to it, you will learn many important skills that your future employer will surely appreciate.

Dreamjob FAQ

Currently, the game is in early production stage. Please wait for the Early Access build on Steam.

Initially we want to release for PC (Steam) but later on we plan to release on several consoles and maybe mobile.

Simply tell about us to anyone who wants to learn programming or is sick of their current job. Sharing our website, video and social profiles will help, too! The more emails we gather, the faster the development will go.

Join our Discord server, follow our social media channels, and add Espresso Tycoon on your Steam whishlist.

We would love you to let us know that you are willing to cooperate. We will surely reach an agreement. E-mail us!