The Ankh’s world is getting more and more details. We are also focusing on the tower inside and how our mage will move there, interact with some objects, create new floors of the tower, and preparing for protecting the whole place.

1. New floors – materialization

The Ankh tower may become higher. If the mage will have enough resources to create the new floor, he can build it during the day. It will give him other possibilities for development, new objects to interact with, but also it will make the tower harder to conquer by the enemies. We have been working on the process of materialization of the new floor.


2. Adding the UI

We are adding the UI to the game, so the player can see the main information – the day, the amount of gold, etc.


3. Thunder and rain in the background

The background of the Ankh’s world is very important. We added the thunder – thanks to these elements – like flashes of lightning in the sky – we are getting the brand new climate and mood in the game. You can also see the rain, and even the raindrops on the screen of the camera.


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