We are still focused on preparing the demo version of Espresso Tycoon. That’s why we have started some next steps to develop it.
We want our game to be as realistic as possible. That’s why we need to focus on a lot of different details. One of them is implementing the diversity between customers.

1. Different customers in Espresso Tycoon

Creating the characters in the game includes taking into consideration a lot of factors – like ethnicity, age, or sex. The characters will also differ in style and colors of clothes.



In Espresso Tycoon we are going to have eight different social groups:

  • Kids
  • Seniors
  • Tourists
  • Business
  • Hipsters
  • Casuals
  • Students
  • Tech



2. Do the market research

One may think that running a coffee shop means just realizing the orders and selling coffee. Well, that’s a big mistake. The diversity between people means also different customers’ preferences. It is influenced by many factors – like the place, the decoration, prices of your coffee, but also kinds of coffee, even the beans that are used to create the recipe.


The player will need to think about which kind of coffee should be on the menu – for example, seniors prefer some traditional recipes, like just black coffee. On the other hand – you can’t sell caffeine or alcohol to the kids (and you have to remember about it!), but they would love to buy some sweets or hot chocolate. Hipster can order a coffee with some special ingredients – like almond milk. That’s why you have to remember about ordering all the supplies you need.

3. Other people in Espresso Tycoon

In Espresso Tycoon there will be some more characters, which will have some special functions in the game – like your employees (baristas or cleaners) and influencers, who can be invited to your coffee shop to promote your place.

We thought also about the bodyguards, who can protect the coffee shop – if you would like to sabotage your rivals (and they would like to revenge). But maybe that’s too much?

Tell us, what you think.


If you want to help us develop the game and share your thoughts, be sure to visit our Discord server.