There are a lot of new features which are added to our game. We are still testing and checking them – but we already can see that many details can really change the look of the character and the game is becoming more and more interesting.

1. Blink and look

We added blinking to our characters and they can see in a few different directions. You may say that it’s not that noticeable but just think about a queue with people looking in the same direction, without an eye movement. That would look odd. And we want our game to be as realistic as possible.


2. Decorate your coffee shop

The decoration is one of those elements that many players are waiting for – they want to create the coffee shop out of their dreams. That’s why we pay attention to many details. We are adding a lot of items, you can set them at different angles.


3. Check your budget

If you buy too many items – you will run out of money and your business will fail. We added the notification about the bankruptcy getting closer, and – if you don’t control it – you will say goodbye to your coffee shop.


4. Speed up the game

You can also speed up the game if you want. That’s the feature that is added to a lot of tycoon games. Now it’s also in Espresso Tycoon.


We will inform you about the next steps. Stay tuned!


If you want to help us develop the game and share your thoughts, be sure to visit our Discord server.