After playing the internal alpha demo we’ve decided to make some changes and improvements for our game. And we have a lot of new features:

1. Order supplies

A player has to remember to order supplies – without them making coffee will just not be possible. You can order coffee beans, different kinds of milk, or cups for coffee-to-go. You can also choose an instant delivery instead of waiting for 12 hours (in-game time) – but It costs you much more money.


2. Style points

We added style points to the decoration items. Each style point influences and increases the money multiplier. So – the more style points you have, the more money you get. So, for example, each dollar you earn by selling a coffee earns you 15 instead.


3. The light’s changing

The light is a very important thing in a game, so we’re focusing on it a lot. For example – at night you can see that the lamps in the coffee shop are on. And the shadows are also adapting to that change.


4. Hiring employees

We’re implementing different mechanics. Hiring employees is one of them. A player can check – for example – the baristas’ character, skills, or how much money they want for working at that coffee shop. If your barista is rude, your customers may give a bad review of your coffee shop. If he’s slow or doesn’t specialize in making coffee – you will need to train him.


5. Camera views

We have different camera views, so a player can see the coffee shop from different angles and different perspectives. We have two camera modes – strategy view and cinematic view. You can also record the camera movement.

6. Market research

We’re developing the market research feature. The player will have to consider, how different social groups are going to react to some actions, like changing the decoration, making a new coffee recipe, or a new brand. If you can see the green color – that will be your customers’ first choice. If there is a red color – that means they don’t like it.


7. Marketing screen

And the last one for today – the marketing screen. The player can set the marketing campaign to advertise the coffee shop, choose different media, social groups, or the campaign duration. And it will help to increase the popularity of the coffee shop – so there will be more customers.


If you want to help us develop the game and share your thoughts, be sure to visit our Discord server.

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