It’s been another intense time for us. We have been focused on some new details added to the game. We have the basis for our kingdom and a village with people living nearby. Now we want to make it more and more developed.

1. Adding more different NPCs – diversity

We have one main character in the game – that’s the king, of course. But there has to be a lot of different people (BTW – with a lot of them the king will interact). For now, each person in the group looks the same, but you can see the difference between knights and counselors or people in the village.


2. Talking animation

The king will interact with some people to complete his mission or to find more information. It will be a whole scene when they will talk to each other. We added animation of the talking and some gestures to make it more realistic.


3. Animals

There are not only people in the village. There have to be also animals, right? We added for example chickens and wolves.


If you want to discuss new features, drop by to our Discord server.