Hey! It’s great to see you here. Let me establish some format on this blog. I want to focus on a few things connected to Dreamjob: Programmer:

  • Build Updates
  • Marketing Updates

Build Updates

Since our next goal is to gain at least 1-10K followers:

  • Steam Wishlists
  • Email signups
  • Social Media followers

We are not going to focus on continuing game development yet. We created a teaser of the game that shows many systems that are in progress or completed such as:

  • XP and Skill Points
  • Shop and Decorating objects
  • Job Board
  • Visual Scripting System

We will be posting gifs on our social media channels during the whole weekend, so you can follow us there!

Marketing Updates

We need to focus our marketing efforts. Our first dev unblocking goal is to gain 1-10K followers. Setting the goal to 5K, here’s the current progress:

3% (146/5000 signups)

It may seem small, but this has been achieved in the past 4 days only. We hope this number will grow even faster when we start to gather more fans!

Hey, if you want to help us, please remember to share our website or social media channels to all of your friends, or just tell about our idea to anyone who could be interested. This helps speed up the process a lot!