Hello future programmers!

The past 1.5 month were super productive in our team both development as well as marketing.

We have over 3000 people already waiting for the game. This includes our website newsletter, Steam Wishlists, Twitter followers, Youtube subscribers and Discord channel.

Add us to your Steam Wishlist now!

At this point in time, we wish to thank you tremendously for the support you gave us and we want to promise we will not let you down! If you know ANYONE that may be interested in playing our game, share our idea with them! The faster we grow, the faster first playables will be released.

Our first playable demo (not shared publicly yet) is just 3 weeks from now. Our previous milestones were all met and we do not expect any to slip. You will ask when will you be able to play the game but we can’ tell you any date yet. We know though that it will be available through Steam Early Access soon. We are aware that the whole Covid-19 is a serious thing and you spend much more time at home than before. The global crisis did not stop us from moving forward as the whole team is spread across Europe and always worked remotely.

We plan to record a first Let’s Play Dreamjob: Programmer very soon. We don’t want to do this yet though because as all the game systems are all almost written, we still need to fix a lot of UI graphics and designs. Showing some first movies could make you get accustomed to some of our initial solutions that may be changed during the first playtests.

Development update:

  • menu
  • character creation
  • cutscenes
  • job searching
  • solving jobs
  • help system
  • character level, xp, prestige and money
  • shop and decorating
  • first version of the first residence: garage
  • story for chapter 1 & 2
  • shop items for chapter 1 & 2
  • your friends stories
  • 4 songs composed for the game (coming soon on our Youtube channel)


Dreamjob: Programmer Garage Scene

Todo for the first playable:

  • Second version of garage
  • Walking system
  • Competition Screen
  • Skill stats
  • Save/load system
  • Mailbox (this is where you advance the plot of the game)

Let me give you an overview on the core loops in Dreamjob: Programmer:

Core loop:

  1. You search for the job you want to solve
  2. You solve the job (with or without help)
  3. You earn xp and the money
  4. You spend the money decorating your place of residence increasing your prestige
  5. You level up your character unlocking new job types.

What does prestige do? The more prestige you have, the more your potential clients will want to pay you for the jobs you solve for them, so decorating your place of residence with more fancy stuff boosts your earnings.

Game loop:

  1. You increase your xp, skills, prestige, and wallet
  2. You buy a new place of residence, moving you to a next chapter in the game
  3. You take part in special missions that are conducted outside your place of residence
  4. You finish the game once you buy a private island


Dreamjob: Programmer Special Mission #1: NASA Lab

How many chapters are we planning in game? We think that first version of the game should have 5 chapters, and for the Early Access we plan to release the first (and maybe the second) chapter. Each chapter will feature at least one special mission. A special mission is a special job that takes place somewhere outside of the place you live. The first one will be helping launch a spaceship with your code. We won’t tell you about the next special missions as we want you to discover them during the gameplay. One interesting thing to note is that the game will be highly repayable because your decisions will influence which plot parts you uncover in game.

Till next time!