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‘Hell Yeah, A Coffee Shop Tycoon Game’ – 

‘Crush your coffee shop rivals as the Espresso

‘Build Your Coffee Empire With Espresso Tycoon’

Steam page ready!

Free demo – ready!

Prologue – late 2022!

Release date – 2023!

‘Hell Yeah, A Coffee Shop Tycoon Game’ – 

‘Crush your coffee shop rivals as the Espresso

‘Build Your Coffee Empire With Espresso Tycoon’

Steam page ready!

Free demo – ready!

Prologue – late 2022!

Release date – 2023!

Espresso Tycoon - a brand new version of tycoon games

We all know good, old-school tycoon games. Memories come back, right?

Espresso Tycoon is much closer to our lives. Why? Just think – we all have been in a lot of different coffee shops, haven’t we? We have our favourite places, coffees. It’s even hard to find a person who doesn’t drink coffee at all. So… let’s make a composition of that. Let’s create a place of your dreams – a little coffee house or the whole corporation. Try out if you are a born businessman and how well do you deal with crises. What are your strengths? Espresso Tycoon will show you them all.

Espresso Tycoon - main features

Find the best location and choose the design

First, you need to find the perfect spot for your coffee shop. Decide if you rather want to rent an expensive but attractive townhouse in the city cente, or a much cheaper, intimate place on the outskirts of the city.

Decide, how your coffee shop will look like. Will you choose a cozy place with a lot of sofas and armchairs? Or maybe some elegant chairs and tables? And it’s just the beginning! Remember – you need a lot of different decorations and details to make your coffee shop just perfect. Which style? It’s all up to you!



Make the best coffee in the city

Place, decorations, service – all of that is important to create a successful coffee business. But, let’s be honest, coffee is the clue here. You have to choose different beans, think about your customers’ preferences, take all of that into consideration and create a great latte art on the top. Use 3D coffee editor – it will be very helpful.

Manage your coffee shop

You have the perfect location, the coffee shop is already decorated. And that’s just the first part of running your business! Now you have to decide, how many employees you need to hire, what kind of coffee you want to serve. Setting up prices, managing working hours – there is a lot to do!

Think about the customers

You have your favourite kind of coffee, right? So do you customers. You have to do the market research to meet their expectations. Think about their preferences, allergies, check, how often they go to the coffee shop. Trust us, you need that – to create the best menu for them, set up the prices and convince them to come to your coffee house.


What's the clue of successful coffee business?

Ok, but let’s be honest. What’s the heart of every coffee shop? Coffee! Of course!

That smell, caffeine, freshly ground coffee… oh, let’s drink another one! 

That’s why in Espresso Tycoon we focus on coffee as the main point and main feature of our game. You can decide, what kind of beans you want to order and from which country. Arabica or robusta? What’s the level of acidity? That’s the first step.

Another one – how do you want to serve the coffee to your customers? Only espresso? Latte, macchiato, flat white? With milk or without? Maybe lactose-free one? What kind of pattern from foamed milk do you want to present? You can learn how to do that!

It's all about coffee!

Invite an influencer

Nowadays you can have a lot of possibilities to increase popularity of your coffee shop. Inviting an influencer is one of them. In Espresso Tycoon you can choose, which influencer is supposed to visiti your place (but not for free!). Take care of him or her and serve the best coffee you have.

Be active in social media

You’re not in social media – you don’t exist. You dont’t have to agree with that, but you have to be aware that being in the internet is a great tool to increase popularity of your coffee shop. Use the Beanstagram – show pictures, react to customers’ opinions, be active!


PR is important

Taking care of your customers in your coffee shop is the clue of building a successful coffee business. But PR is important as well. If you’re seen in many places, you advertise a lot – you increase your chance to have more and more customers in your coffee shop.

What else will you find in Espresso Tycoon? Well... a lot!

We’re not even close to describing all the cool elements of Espresso Tycoon. We believe that the foundation of good business is an efficient leader. You are that leader. And it’s you, who will have to face numerous and surprising offers, challenges, and problems. Are you a person who likes fast action and playing against time? You will definitely not get bored! Do you like long-term planning? Our Espresso Tycoon is a place for you. Are you an opportunist and like dirty tricks? Awww yeah. Remember that your competitors will not be idle!

Espresso Tycoon FAQ

Currently, the game is in the production stage. We have the demo version on our Steam page available:  The next step is making the Prologue. The whole game will be ready in 2022.

Initially, we want to release for PC (Steam). We are thinking about releasing it on several consoles or maybe mobile – but it’s too soon to decide.

We would love you to let us know that you are willing to cooperate. We will surely reach an agreement. E-mail us (!

Join our Discord server, follow our social media channels, Steam community, and add subscribe to our YouTube channel.

We are a young and quite small studio. Including graphics designers, programmers, and the marketing team – it will be less than 10 people.

It’s too soon to tell, we will be able to do so just before the release time. But the demo version is free.

Yes, we are working really hard on that project. We will keep you informed about the progress – in the devlog on our Steam page,  and our website, in the announcements, in our social media channels. The free demo version is ready, we’re preparing the Prologue. And, as it was already mentioned before, the whole game – is supposed to be ready by the end of 2022.

The Espresso Tycoon Community

Discord channel

This is a place for a game-related discussion. We would love to collect your feedback, ideas, and opinions shared in the channel. If you want to be up to date, be sure to join us! Don’t forget to check out our other games.

Facebook page
Share your game experiences. Show off your coffee shops, post memes, and communicate with other players! Maybe you’ve found a cool way to get more customers or developed a unique strategy? Tell us about it!

Remember to leave you e-mail address, so you won’t miss any news about the Espresso Tycoon!