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Your new favorite
coffee shop tycoon

Espresso Tycoon is a game in which you will face the problems of the coffee shop owner. 

Take the best care of your customers! Sell them delicious coffee, arrange and manage your cafes, hire employees, watch out for PR and expand your coffee empire. Be careful, the competition may be fierce!

And you thought it was a piece of cake, didn’t you? 


Test yourself as a businessman with a cafe tycoon

We all love coffee, right? It’s hard’ to imagine a Monday morning or meeting with friends without it. After all, it is the third most popular drink in the world. The coffee business seems to be easy. You brew delicious coffee, the customer comes to your cafe, and you sell it to him.  That’s all… right?


The problem starts when we run out of exotic coffee supplies. Or when our employee cannot handle the new coffee machine. Or in a situation where the client didn’t like our cafe and he decided to share it on social media. Well… it turns out that there are quite a few such problems. And it’s up to you how you handle them! Our coffee shop tycoon gives you numerous ways to deal with problems and resolve crises. Master the strategy, order goods, manage, hire and fire, decorate, advertise, and make your brand the best! Sounds cool, huh? This is only the beginning!

How to cope with Espresso? A quick guide to our coffee shop tycoon game

The best location

First, you need to find the perfect location for your coffee shop. Decide if you rather want to rent an expensive but attractive townhouse in the center of Paris, or a much cheaper, intimate place on the outskirts of the city.

Your customers

Each location has its advantages and disadvantages. Each is inhabited by different residents. Do you want to attract tourists? Students? Or maybe businessmen or older, retired people?

Other buildings

As your business grows, you will need warehouses and new points of sale.
Invest carefully! In our coffee shop tycoon game, things can get tricky.

pick a place for caffee shop

What next?

decorate your cafe

Arrange your coffee shop

Time to fix your place. You can choose from dozens of chairs, tables, decorations, flowers, carpets, lamps, and other cool decorations. Each of them will allow you to introduce your own unique style!

Appearance matters

Customers can be picky at times. Remember that they will evaluate your work. Nice, cozy cafes are the key to success. Match your interior to the high requirements of coffee lovers!

Show off!

Espresso cafe tycoon gives you a really great field to show off. Maybe in the future your coffee shop will inspire other players?

You are ready to manage

Are you ready to open?

Now everything is in your hands. Set prices for your products, opening hours, order goods, hire employees, and upgrade your equipment. Are pets allowed? How about smoking? Oh, and remember the toilets!

PR is everything

Your guests are smart people. Fail, and their friends will know. Do something cool, and lots of people will come to your cafe. Remember to deal with influencers. They can be both thorn in your side or your way to success.

Build your own empire

 It’s not always about one Coffee Shop. Sometimes you have to think bigger. In Espresso Tycoon you can build a network that will gain international fame.

What else will you find in our coffee shop tycoon? Well... a lot!

We’re not even close to describing all the cool elements of Espresso Tycoon. We believe that the foundation of good business is an efficient leader. You are that leader. And it’s you, who will have to face numerous and surprising offers, challenges, and problems. Are you a person who likes fast action and playing against time? You will definitely not get bored! Do you like long-term planning? Our Coffee Tycoon is a place for you. Are you an opportunist and like dirty tricks? Awww yeah. Remember that your competitors will not be idle!

Order coffee beans from arould the world

Use coffee creator and add it to your menu

Order beans
coffee creator

Thanks to coffee city never sleeps

Your adventure continues even at night. Paris is a great city. Some wake up at dusk and fall asleep in the morning. How about a 24/7 coffee shop? Or maybe it’s better to be open only from 12 to 3 pm? We are sure you get the point. It’s all about choosing. Espresso Tycoon is meant to be quite difficult, challenging, and totally addictive. After each milestone reached, the challenge becomes more and more complicated. But so does the stake! Fame, millions of dollars, and popularity among the community are up for grabs! Oh, yeah. Speaking of which.

The Espresso cafe tycoon community

Discord channel

 This is a place for a game-related discussion. We would love to collect your feedback, ideas, and opinions shared in the channel. If you want to be up to date, be sure to join us! Don’t forget to check out our other games.

Facebook page

Share your game experiences. Show off your coffee shops, post memes, and communicate with other players! Maybe you’ve found a cool way to get more customers or developed a unique strategy? Tell us about it!

Remember to leave you e-mail address, so you won’t miss any news about the Espresso Tycoon!


Do you want more information about Espresso Tycoon?

We are glad that you are so curious! Such a player really does count. We want to reward you with interesting information and the history of our game. Are you ready?

It all started with a market analysis. Reading reviews, data collection, comparisons, and other boring activities. And you know what have we learned? There is still a huge demand for hardcore Tycoon Games. The ones with clear, but extensive mechanics. Games that allow you to take multiple actions that affect the world around you. Our Espresso Coffee Tycoon is such a game. 

We all know titles like Roller Coaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, Pizza Syndicate, or Tropico series. We know how they work and how to overcome them. They concern the world of politics, crime, or huge investments. In our cafe tycoon things look quite different. Our game is close to life. After all, if you could gather all your savings and find a dream place, you could open a little, cozy cafe, right?

We let you find out what it would be like. Are you a born businessman? How well do you deal with crises? What are your strengths? Espresso Tycoon will show you them all. 

True, you can finally achieve the title of director of a big network. You can own ten cafes and manage them efficiently. But you can also focus on one favorite local coffee shop that will be very popular with nearby residents. We are sure you will love to watch your place transform from a small, simple cafe into an elegant, beautiful bar. 


In our coffee shop tycoon game, you will meet an extensive social system. Your customers will communicate with each other, their opinions will matter to the others. Your advertising efforts can turn out to be very important. Just like in the real world – a company without advertising (especially online) does not exist. Influencers, celebrities, and ordinary coffee lovers. You will have to take care of all of them.

Speaking of the social system. We will be very pleased if you join our Discord channel and other social media. We want you to develop our game with us. Feedback is the key to understanding the player’s needs. Feel free to share your thoughts!  We believe Espresso Tycoon is a game that will keep you entertained for many weeks or even months. We will do our best to make your gaming experience as good as possible!

Espresso FAQ

Currently, the game is in early production stage. Please wait for more information.

Initially we want to release for PC (Steam) but later on we plan to release on several consoles and maybe mobile.

Simply tell about us to anyone who loves tycoon games. Sharing our website, video and social profiles will help, too! The more emails we gather, the faster the development will go.

Join our Discord server, follow our social media channels, and add subscribe our YouTube channel.

We would love you to let us know that you are willing to cooperate. We will surely reach an agreement. E-mail us!