Learn to code and change your work environment

The main task of Dreamjob: Programmer game is to teach you coding, but let’s not forget about other aspects! After all, this is a game that, in addition to learning, is meant to keep you entertained. And what’s more fun in sim games than buying new properties?

An extensive interior decoration system will allow you to create your dream working environment.

Do you like nature and greenery? Cool! Put around a few flowers. You prefer modern furniture and futuristic design? No problem. You see, in Dreamjob: Programmer we give you a free hand when it comes to choosing and arranging your office. Sounds like fun, huh?

Humble beginnings – garage or a cozy room

Nobody was born with amazing programming skills. It’s something you have to learn. Therefore, your first office will be your garage or attic room. But don’t worry! You can spend the money you earn on completing tasks on changing or improving it.

You can learn about the features of selected properties and their prices in a dedicated panel. At some point (as long as you learn to program well!) you will be able to buy your own yacht and work while sailing across the open seas.