moving around the ankh tower

Ankh Tower – controlling the Mage movement

The last feature we added to the Ankh Tower is the ability to move the hero around the Tower.

Moving left and right

Our wizard can now move sideways in the floor he currently is in. For now, the character is controlled by pressing the arrows on the keyboard. We are considering an option to let him leave the building via the ground floor. Any feedback on this topic is very appreciated.

Moving up and down

In addition, the hero can move vertically. To enable the transition to a higher or to a lower floor, we have implemented the ladders system. In the future, we plan to add a teleportation option, that will allow you to quickly move the wizard around the Tower.

moving around ankh tower

Zooming in and out

To give the player a good view of the whole Tower and its surroundings, we decided to add the zoom in and out options. To manipulate the camera, he can use the scroll on his mouse. Over time, we will try to still improve the character movement system, so the player will feel that the wizard is doing exactly what he intended.