visual coding - dreamjob: programmer

What is Visual Coding and how does it work?

Visual Coding is a simple yet powerful tool that will help you understand the basics of programming. The whole thing is very transparent and easy to use even for people who have never written a line of the code in their lives. Ok – but how does it work? Let’s see!

  1. Start by getting to know the properties of each block in your toolkit.
  2. Place the blocks in the right places and in the right order.
  3. Connect the blocks, so they can work together.
  4. Test your code and see if it works!

visual coding dreamjob: programmer

Why Visual Coding is an ideal way to start?

You don’t need any code writing skills. You will create your first programs mainly using the mouse and your own mind. Simple tasks at the beginning of the game will make you get the basics in no time! If you want to understand the idea behind coding in languages ​​like Python, C ++, C #, Java, or JavaScript, then Visual Coding will be the perfect way to start!