Transparent mechanics of interior decoration

One of the first things after buying a new property (that we talked about in the previous Video Diary), is decorating it. The player can choose from such furniture and appliances as tables, chairs, sofas, coffee machines, decorations, and many others. How does the item placing system work?

• after picking one of the items you want to put in your coffee shop you will see a grid

• thanks to it, you will see where you can (green) and where you cannot (red) put the item

• the grid will also allow you to check how much space a table, chair, or another piece of furniture takes



Numerous options thanks to the multi-surface arrangement

When decorating a coffee shop, you can navigate on different surfaces. This allows you to, for example, put a napkin holder on the table or to hang a picture on the wall. The Item placing system was designed in such a way as to allow the player to use the entire surface of the coffee shop:

• you can decorate walls, tables, bar counters, and more

• you can place items at different angles

• the interiors that you decorate will have a real impact on the well-being of your customers