Managing employees working in your coffee shop

One of the most important elements of running a coffee business is hiring and managing your employees. Your team will include professions such as waiter, cleaner, bodyguard, barista, storekeeper, and others. Each of them performs different jobs, has different abilities and expectations. Depending on the strategy the player chooses, he can hire the best specialists in the city (which will be expensive) or rookies (which he can train). Let’s take baristas as an example.

• each of them is characterized by individual features such as work speed, experience, and motivation

• depending on their skills, specialists will expect different salaries

• as time passes, new offers will appear, sometimes it’s better to wait for the right person to cooperate with


The bigger the business, the more employees

Of course, small coffee shops will only need a few employees. In Espresso Tycoon, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to run a small cozy café or a famous network. Remember, that nature and target audience of your coffee shop is of great importance here – young people will like energetic and fast service, while seniors will have no problem with waiting for a cup of really good coffee. We are sure you get the idea 🙂