Used Cars Simulator

Used Cars Simulator – trade used or stolen cars, fix and customize them, drive around, and explore the open world! Grow your business, complete quests, and have fun with a physics-based sandbox!

1. Click the black button above
2. Click on Add to your Wishlist (you may need to login to Steam)
3. Stay tuned for next updates!


Look for cheap cars to buy, repair, flip them, make them look awesome, and sell them at a higher price. Order any missing car parts from the online car repair shop, create ads, and seek out customers who are looking for used cars for sale. You can also try some not-so-legal stuff to make extra cash.


Hammer out dents, use some automobile tools to fix your cars, and get a powerwash to clean them. Paint them if you need to cover the rust or scratches. Change tires, rims, or the engine to improve your car’s performance and earn some respect points.


Have fun doing crazy jumps on an abandoned ski jump hill. Show off your skills by drifting around. But remember, if you crash, you’ll have to deal with damage and dents. Need an extra boost? Hit the nitro button for a turbo charge. You can drive in two different camera modes – FPP or TPP.

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