Hi! We invite all those who are interested in the process of creating the Ankh Tower game to follow the Weekly update series. What have we been doing this week?


1. Night and day

The gameplay in Ankh Tower is based on the night and day cycle. We created a system that changes the time of the day, implemented the moon, fog, and some other cool effects. We are still working on day and night changes to make them run smoothly and look natural.

Ankh Tower night and day



2. Materialization of floors

The materialization of the floors occurs when our tower is raised by one floor. Ankh Tower is a game full of magic, so we wanted the materialization to have spectacular, epic effect. Here it is in slow-motion.

frool materialization Ankh Tower



3. Reflection of the tower in the water

We strive to make the Ankh Tower game environment as pleasing to the eye as possible. From the front, the tower is surrounded by water in which we can see its reflection. This week, we’ve been working on making the tower’s reflection realistic.

Ankh Tower water reflection