Just like last week, this time we also have a lot of interesting changes in the Ankh Tower game to present. The game is no longer silent (more on that below), archers got a new animation, and the first few UI windows are ready for your feedback.

1. Sound effects

Every spell, every monster, every unit, and every move of the wizard have now their own sound effects. Depending on what type of magic you use, you will hear thunder, a blast of fire, or ice crushing.

2. The archers

We have prepared a smooth animation of archers shooting their arrows and explosion effect when they hit monsters.


3. The very first UI

As you can see at the top of the screenshot, the UI has a dark fantasy vibe and colors. This is just one of the elements that the player will see during the game. We try to make them intuitive, easy to understand, and helpful during the game.

If you want to share your opinion, be sure to check out our Discord server.