Hi. This week we managed to create a lot of interesting things, and we are hyped to share it with you in the new Weekly update series.

Let’s get to the point.


1. We worked on Coffee Editor

Coffee Editor allows you to create any coffee you want. By choosing different ingredients and their proportions, you can prepare various variations of coffee. We want player-created coffees to be added to their coffee shop menu. We want the editor to be extensive and include as many options as possible.

coffee editor espresso tycoon



2. Influencers in Espresso Tycoon as an important PR element

Building the good PR of a player’s café will have an impact on his entire business. This week, we designed and created the first influencers. Each of them has its own characteristics, publicity and effectiveness. We tried to make each influencer distinctive and unique.

influencer Espresso tycoon



3. Panel for hiring influencers

The last major feature prepared this week is a panel for hiring influencers. The panel presents all the most important information a player needs to start working with a celebrity. Thanks to it, you will know the price, popularity and audience type of all influencers.

inviting influencers - panel