Oh boy, do we have exciting news for you this week 🙂

1. We improved the Coffee Editor

Our coffee editor keeps getting new options – you can now choose the type of vessel, place different layers in it and pick a latte art. We will definitely continue to work on Coffee Editor to give the player as many choices as possible.


2. Influencers in your coffee shop

Last week, we designed the look of influencers who will help you to promote your coffee shop. This week we made our first attempts to place them in it. We started with an influencer with characteristic red hair. As you can see, there is still a lot of work ahead of us, but the influencer managed to take her first selfie in a café.


3. Setting the menu and prices

Appropriate prices and an attractive menu will be a very important element of your business. We have created an interactive panel that allows you to make quick changes to your offer. Please note the “Create new coffee” button, which will take you to the Coffee Editor.