If you follow our doings, you certainly know that the premiere of Espresso Tycoon Steam page is planned for the 3rd of March. We work very hard to show the players the best features and shots from our game. As you can guess, this week our work focused mainly on the trailer. We don’t want to spoil anything, so we’ll only show you a few interesting shots that will definitely be in it. Let’s see!

1. Decorating and equipping a coffee shop


In addition to taking care of the attractive decor of your café, you will also have to equip it with various types of equipment. In Espresso Tycoon you can place items on many different layers (walls, floors, counters, tables, etc) which opens up many interesting options and possibilities.

2. Iconic influencer and her selfie


The influencer you see on the GIF is the face of our game. We are still working on the smoothness of her movements and on her natural appearance.

3. Friends hanging out


The scene known from every coffee shop in the world. A group of friends enjoying each other’s company and sipping delicious coffee.


4. The old and the new

Every good Tycoon game needs an editor. It’s just the way it is. Below you can see the humble beginnings of our Coffee Editor, that only had a few gray tables and boring sliders. Today we can boast of a beautifully animated, aesthetic Editor that allows you to prepare all the types of coffees you can think of.




If you want to help us develop the game and share your thoughts, be sure to visit our Discord server.