A big time for us! This week we had a premiere of our Steam page for Espresso Tycoon and released the trailer of the game. You can read about our project even on KOTAKU: https://kotaku.com/hell-yeah-a-coffee-shop-tycoon-game-1846401832

But it’s just the first phase of that game. We are working hard right now to prepare a demo version. It’s going to be ready by the end of this year (2021).

So we keep on working:

1. Optimizing the scenes

We are going to optimize whole scenes that are ready. We are starting with the city view – to make it as realistic as possible. So the city will look like a real one – with a lot of different buildings and streets.


2. Emotions added to the customers

We are adding emotions to our customers. Well, you know – going to a coffee shop is not only a thing connected with drinking coffee. It’s the whole experience – that’s why people should have a lot of emotions on their faces – happiness, sadness, and so on.



3. Different social groups

A lot of people are going to the coffee shops, right? So we are implementing different social groups for our customers. Each of them is going to have their own preferences, they will like different types of coffee – so the player will need to decide what kind of menu prepare for them.



If you want to help us develop the game and share your thoughts, be sure to visit our Discord server.