king cover

Our game, in which you play as the king, is still in the very early planning phase. We are not sure about its name yet! Nevertheless, this week we made really big progress in developing the game world. More information below.

1. Choosing a place for the castle

Initially, we wanted to place the castle in the place marked on the map, but then we decided that the clearing in the lower right corner would be better. After all, castles were built in such a place that the surrounding area could be seen from their walls and towers.




2. Building a castle from scratch

When designing our castle, we were inspired by a real castle standing in Poland. We make sure that the game about the king is as close as possible to the historical realities of medieval Europe. The next step was to design the halls and rooms. Castles usually have a limited space, which is why we decided to implement the most important rooms first:

  • the council hall,
  • barracks,
  • a small dungeon,
  • the king’s chamber

We like the effect of our work very much, and we are looking forward to the next stages of building the game world.

building castle the king