Every week the king game expands with new features – this time we were working on the locations, and mechanics of the castle. The King can now interact with items, furniture and triggers. Some examples are given below.

1. Changing clothes

History knows rulers who liked to dress up in burgher clothes in order to visit the local markets and taverns. In our game you can do the same thing –  go into “incognito mode” and dress up as someone else. Some missions and NPCs will only be active when we get rid of the king’s robes.


2. Secret locations

This week the game has been expanded with a feature that is well known and loved by every RPG player – secret location. Of course, there will be many more of those in the future. In order to find a hidden location, you need to be perceptive, intelligent, or find the right trigger.



If you want to discuss new features, drop by to our Discord server.