choosing place for cafe

Camera control, viewing the area and interactive buildings

One of the first things you will see in Espresso Tycoon is an isometric view of the city. Thanks to it, you will have a good view of the play area.

Some buildings are interactive, and they will highlight when you point them with a cursor. After clicking such a building you will see a UI panel with helpful information about it. For example, you will find out about its popularity among various customer groups, access to goods and warehouses, its size or rental price.


Other street view features

In Espresso Tycoon you can run more than one coffee shop. To find more places for your next cafes you will have to navigate around the city. Move a cursor to the edge of the screen to scroll the view and see new locations. You can also use the scroll on your mouse to zoom in the camera – this feature allows you to observe interesting details of different places.