One of the main mechanics of Ankh Tower is building floors. We want each of them to have its own unique character that cannot be confused with another. Therefore, each floor has a distinctive color and style that make it easy to spot and recognize. We are still working on the aesthetics of each floor – we add details, interactive objects and lighting. Here are a few examples.

1. The treasury


We want the treasury floor to glitter with coins and other valuables. The predominant color of this floor is, of course, gold. In order to give it an authentic look, we had to implement appropriate lighting.

2. The stronghold


We made sure that the stronghold floor looks solid and durable. It is made of stone reinforced with steel chains, so its attack resistance is really high.

3. The archery


The archers’ domain is characterized by a deep red color. Our goal was to give this floor a militant, threatening atmosphere. One of the interactive objects on this floor is the message board (working name) thanks to which we can recruit more and more archers.


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